Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Just Common Sense

  • Lance Wallnau says that Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson was “not chosen because she was the best or brightest candidate in America, just the best black female choice for a politically woke party.”
  • Jeff Jansen claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine in order to “destroy the bio labs and confront many other crimes against humanity such as child sex trafficking which hundreds of thousands of children have been rescued already.”
  • Michele Bachmann asserts that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is nothing but a “distraction” by the Biden administration while it carries out “the destruction of the United States”: “I truly think this Biden administration is evil. I think the people who are calling the shots are evil.”
  • Why are so many Trump-loving right-wing Christians siding with Russia? We’ll let Delora O’Brien explain: “If Pelosi and all these people are for Ukraine, duh, you go opposite. That’s just common sense.”
  • Nick Fuentes makes his position clear: “Honestly, I want China to take back Taiwan, I want Russia to take back Ukraine if for no other reason than it’s time for America to be humiliated.”
  • Rick Scarborough declares that “what we see unfolding in the Ukraine may be the beginning of the final chapter of humanity. This is a time when every child of God should fall on their faces and cry out to a holy God, and repent for our willful rebellion of His laws and ways.”
  • Finally, Pat Robertson came out of retirement to claim that Putin “is being compelled by God” to invade Ukraine in preparation for a massive End Times invasion of Israel.