Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’ Jeff Jansen Goes Full QAnon

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Jeff Jansen went full QAnon during a recent church service, claiming that the bombing that took place in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, in 2020 was designed to cover up election fraud and asserting Democrats are part of a global “Luciferian agenda” that “consumes children’s sacrifice and blood and adrenochrome.”

​That reference to a child-sacrificing “Luciferian agenda” clearly echoes the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, whose adherents believe that high-ranking Democratic officials, Hollywood elites, and business executives are part of a global, satanic child trafficking ring that takes part in ritual sexual abuse of children and cannibalization.

Jansen was an influential voice within the religious-right prophetic community until he was fired from his position as pastor of Global Fire Ministries International in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, last year “due to a pattern of making poor moral choices, and bad coping mechanisms, character flaws,” and “unscriptural and unbiblical behavior.” He has since set up a new church in the same city and used his sermon on Jan. 2 to claim that he had prophesied the Nashville bombing.

While authorities insist the bombing was the work of a lone conspiracy theorist intent on taking his own life, Jansen baselessly declared that it was actually a “satellite strike” designed to destroy a building holding Dominion Voting Systems election servers.

“I was prophesying about the administration, I was prophesying about Trump, I was prophesying about the elections,” Jansen claimed. “I said, ‘Watch what happens in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning.’ You know what happened in Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas morning? That bombing took place. And it wasn’t some guy in a van who wanted to commit suicide. That was a space war. That was a satellite strike—that’s what that was—taking out the Dominion server building where all the information for the election was.”

Later in the sermon, Jansen discussed the passage in the biblical book of 1 Kings in which the prophet Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal, whom he likened to modern-day Democrats.

“They were Baal-worshipers,” he said. “Child-sacrificing Luciferians. That’s what they were, so much like the Democrats. [There is a] Luciferian agenda behind governments, and it’s not just America, it’s global. It’s a global system that consumes children’s sacrifice and blood and adrenochrome [as a] currency for the purpose of you know what for.”