Right Wing Bonus Tracks: John Roberts, Antifa Member

  • Cliff Kincaid says the late Rep. John Lewis “actually set back the cause of civil rights by incorporating support for a communist figure [Paul Robeson] and his ideology into a great and noble cause.”
  • Rob McCoy likens standing during for national anthem to refusing to salute Adolf Hitler.
  • In a shocking development, it turns out that “friends and supporters of D. James Kennedy Ministries” share the organization’s far right-wing views.
  • Scott Lively predicts that the Supreme Court’s recent Calvary Chapel ruling “is an advanced warning that the same liberal majority is preparing the public for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations.”
  • On a related note, Public Advocate says that the Calvary Chapel ruling shows that Chief Justice John Roberts is now a member of antifa.
  • Finally, Armstrong Williams appeared on Rick Wiles’ “TruNews” show last night where he spread COVID-19 conspiracy theories while praising Wiles for “not being some paranoid, conspiratorial-thinking individual.” As a matter of fact, that is exactly what Wiles is.