John Guandolo: Moderate Muslims Are Waging Stealth Jihad

Anti-Islam activist John Guandolo of Understanding The Threat appeared on “Focus Today” last week, where he declared that moderate Muslims are waging stealth jihad.

Guandolo, a disgraced former FBI agent turned anti-Islam conspiracy theorist who now trains law enforcement agencies around the country to identify seemingly anyone with dark skin and a beard as an Islamic terrorist, told host Perry Atkinson that there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim and that those who portray themselves as such are secretly waging jihad.

Guandolo claimed that “those calling themselves moderates” are actively engaging in jihad “by participating in a significant deception operation” when they appear in the media to claim that radical jihadis do not truly represent Islam.

“This is all a charade,” he said. “They will say something like, ‘Because true Islam teaches love thy neighbor, true Islam teaches equal rights for all people.’ Those are simply lies. Those are not true.”

“They know exactly what they are saying,” Guandolo continued, “and they are propelling the Islamic movement by doing it, because they are presenting a pseudo-reality, if you will, a pretend version of Islam so that Americans and our leaders can focus on that right up to the point when we lose this war.”

“Jihad is total warfare in Islam,” Guandolo warned. “Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims and it includes not only shooting guns, dropping bombs, firing mortars; it is much more complete than that. It is counter-intelligence and espionage. It is propaganda, it is political warfare, it’s nuclear war. It’s all of it.”