Right Wing Bonus Tracks: It’s Not OK

  • Presidential spiritual adviser Paula White used her Sunday sermon to declare that “it’s not OK to have an abortion, it’s not OK to marry the same sex.”
  • Shane Idleman insists that Christians are not being used by President Donald Trump because God is using Trump to save the United States: “We are supporting a movement back to God. God will use unlikely candidates to accomplish His purposes.”
  • Similarly, John Wesley Reid offers Christians five reasons why they “should feel comfortable voting for Trump in 2020.”
  • Fresh from doing time in prison for stalking, Omar Navarro has announced that he’s running for governor in California.
  • Andrew Wallace warns that “IF GOVERNMENT WILL NOT STOP THE COWARDLY THUGS, THEN OUR PEOPLE WILL, IF THE GOVERNMENT GIVES THEM THE ABSOLUTE LEGAL RIGHT TO USE DEADLY FORCE TO PROTECT THEIR LIVES AND PROPERTY. If the government fails to give people the legal right to protect themselves and their property, using deadly force as required, then the French solution will be automatic, and millions will die.”
  • Finally, Scott Lively and Richard May think that America needs more people who are willing to “embrace the spirit” of Joseph McCarthy and take a stand against left-wing activists and protesters.