Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Hex, Vex, Spell, Jinx, and Occult Apparatus

  • Jim Garlow defends President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter: “The media, academia, and Hollywood indefensibly attack him, along with some in sports, many in business, all the Democrats and even, on occasion, some Republicans. If you had everyone slamming you, you would look for a way to get your views out. You would tweet too. He must. And I defend it.”
  • J. Christian Adams says that Michael Flynn was indicted only because “the grand juries in DC look [like] some kind of Bolshevik meeting — It’s like a collection of climate extremists and Black Lives Matter and Resist and somebody from a peace march. It’s a collection of crackpots, and these grand juries will indict any Republican that comes before them and exonerate any Democrat that comes before them.”
  • Scott Lively claims that Flynn was targeted because he foiled former president Barack Obama’s plan to “trigger a constitutional/military crisis that would allow Obama to stay in power, or at least cripple the incoming Trump administration.”
  • Maricela Woodall declares that when credit card processors cut off Jim Bakker’s ability to receive donations, they were stealing God’s money.
  • Brenden Dilley, who proudly produces and spreads fake news, now says that those who spread fake news about Trump should be prosecuted.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau prays against “every vex, and hex, and spell, and jinx, and occult apparatus” that the deep state has unleashed against Trump, adding that by attacking Trump, they are attacking God.