Right Wing Bonus Tracks: President Dilley

  • Scott Lively has convinced the Governing Council of the World League of Citizens and Civic Associations, headquartered in Krygyzstan, to award President Donald Trump the ҮЙ БҮЛ /Family Medal, which was established in 2017 to “recognize individuals with global influence for ‘self-sacrificing, noble activities and personal contributions in preservation, development and protection of the social relationships based on permanent, imperishable, panhuman, recognized, universal, natural and traditional family values.'”
  • Jim Bakker knows that “the president knows God” and has been “chosen of God.”
  • Michael Brown, a religious right activist and somewhat reluctant Trump supporter, calls out those on his side who seem to “feel morally obligated to defend his every decision and word”: “We seem to show more loyalty to the president than to the Lord. When we seem to be more jealous for Trump’s reputation than for the reputation of Jesus.”
  • Good luck trying to understand whatever point Bill Mitchell is trying to make in this clip.
  • Finally, Brenden Dilley plans to become “super mega famous” and “super mega wealthy” before he becomes president.