Right Wing Bonus Tracks: God’s Plan to Save the Country

  • Stew Peters declares that “It’s time the Feds categorize the Soros family as enemy combatants”: “Seize their assets. NOW.”
  • Shane Vaughn urges President Donald Trump to do everything he can to drag out the legal proceedings stemming from his mishandling of classified documents until he is reelected in 2024, so that he can then just pardon himself.
  • Ella Maulding wants to make something clear: “We are not homophobic. We are anti-gay.”
  • Ali Alexander asserts that “Trump was already going to be remembered for 100 years. Now, he will be remembered for more than 1000 years. IF, Jesus isn’t back before then.”
  • Finally, Mike Lindell announced he’s hosting an event in August to reveal a new plan, that I believe was given to me by God” that will “completely help save this country.”