Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Evil Organizations

  • We are inclined to agree with North Carolina’s Christian nationalist Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson when he says that he’s “more preacher than politician.”
  • Mike Spaulding declares that “homosexuality, lesbianism, and pedophilia have been orchestrated since the 1940s by the Rockefeller Foundation.”
  • Mario Murillo believes that only Donald Trump can save this nation: “I wholeheartedly trust in his ability to drain swamps. He is our Patton. Once again, the Christian therapeutic system does not like him. He is not sweet. He has given out mean tweets. But we do not need Mr. Rogers right now. We need a political general who understands the evil and will not quit.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer reacts to news that Black leaders in Oklahoma are concerned about his bid for the U.S. Senate by bragging that “unlike James Lankford, I do not suffer from ‘White Guilt’ or ‘Cultural Wokeism.'”
  • Sen. Ted Cruz claims not to support the use of impeachment as a political weapon but since “the Democrats weaponized impeachment” against Trump, he says the GOP will be justified in using it against President Joe Biden if they gain control of Congress in the 2022 elections.
  • Finally, Heidi St. John says that public libraries are such “evil organizations” that she “turned in [her] library card years ago.”