Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Evil Incarnate

  • David Barton declares that George Soros is “evil incarnate.”
  • Mario Murillo proclaims that “Wokeism is a more demented form of Marxism. Wokeness breeds crime, perversion, and suicide.”
  • Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin asserts that “Jews are not human” and that “Hitler was right:” “What was he wrong about, exactly? Where did he lie?”
  • Citing an article from a “pro-White” website, Jarrin Jackson announces his support for the “mass deportations of illegals” on the grounds that such a policy will make California majority white and therefore Republican: “Deporting first & second generation illegal immigrants turns California from 34.7% white into 61.2% white. And changes its politics to bright ‘red.'”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes brags that “the GOP is Nick Fuentes now: “Nick Fuentes is the soul of the GOP now.”
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