Right Wing Bonus Tracks: What’s Worse?

  • Andrew Anglin, who often appears on livestreams hosted by far-right America First activists, objects to being called a Neo-Nazi but admits that if you call him a “rape promoter,” he can’t really complain: “You do have me there.”
  • Nick Fuentes complains about the coverage of Kanye West’s appearance on Alex Jones: “The media, of course, is only focusing on the part where he said he loved Hitler. So what’s that all about? He said other things too.”
  • Jarrin Jackson praised a new Russian law that “significantly expands restrictions on activities seen as promoting LGBT rights in the country”: “This is the kind of things America needs to return to.”
  • In a now deleted post, Andrew Torba fumed that “Elon [Musk] is not a Christian. He has no business running an American media company unless he repents and calls Jesus Christ Lord. 90% of our problems are caused by Zionists and their lapdogs controlling the media.”
  • Finally, Vincent James comes to the defense of Adolf Hitler: “What’s worse? One person slaughtering millions of people or a group of people slaughtering Jesus Christ?”