Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Do You Regret Being an Idiot?’

  • Josh Bernstein declares that “President Trump should not sign any bill, at all, under any circumstances, that funds the Post Office.”
  • Mat Staver says that requiring mandatory vaccinations “is absolutely un-American. It is not patriotic; it’s unconstitutional, it’s coercive, and it’s never happened before in America. We should never go down this road.”
  • Dave Hayes, who has built an entire career out of being a leading “QAnon researcher” under the online moniker Praying Medic, insists that he’s not a conspiracy theorist.
  • After asserting that the restrictions California has put in place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus are tyranny, David Lane proclaims that, “In their wisdom and genius, the Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment to counter those who would transgress with ‘tyranny and discrimination.'”
  • Finally, Dan Gainor is outraged that a reporter asked President Trump if he has any regrets about all of the lies he’s told since taking office: “I would have been tempted to ask him, ‘Does your mother regret having given birth to you? Do you regret being an idiot?’”