Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Arrest Them All

  • Stephen Strang says that he has no problem with President Trump’s incessant tweeting and is not offended by anything he tweets because Trump has “cleaned up his act a lot.”
  • The Family Research Council is urging activists to counter Planned Parenthood by making “a donation to a pro-life group in honor of Mike Pence.”
  • BarbWire’s David Jolly declares that he is “not afraid of a nuclear war or even being killed for standing up for my rights or the protection of my family and I’m not afraid of dying …What DOES scare me is still being alive when God’s wrath reigns down on America.”
  • Josh Bernstein has a suggestion: “I think New Sen Jud Chair @LindseyGrahamSC should subpoena #JamesComey #RobertMueller #HillaryClinton #BarackObama #LorettaLynch #PeterStrzok #AndrewMcCabe #RodRosenstein and #BruceOhr & when they get to the hearing padlock them all in a room & ARREST them!”
  • Alex Jones seems upset.
  • Finally, David Lane fumes over the results of the 2018 elections: “Here comes Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019, chosen by evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians who stayed home on Election Day.With astonishing speed, Christians seem to have erased from living memory such things as Fast and Furious, deepening deficits, gays praying at the Inauguration, transgender bathrooms, transgender military, voter bullying by ACORN, racism exploited by Black Lives Matter, insurrection fueled by leftist totalitarians in major U.S. cities, violence and IRS investigations of Christian conservative organizations.”