Right Wing Bonus Tracks: ‘Democrats Eat and Root in Crap’

  • Right-wing conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald reports that he will be having a high-level member of President Trump’s campaign appear on his “The MC Files” program on Tuesday night.
  • Dylan Wheeler (best known by his on-line handle, “Educating Liberals”) insists that he is “not saying Michelle Obama is a man,” he just has a few questions.
  • Brenden Dilley bravely volunteers to take time off from his livestreaming and “life coaching” to help Trump round up and deport every undocumented immigrant in America: “Get ’em the fuck out.”
  • Wanda Alger of Intercessors for America is calling on pastors to take a stand: “There is a rise of local pride parades, drag-queen story hours, acceptance of the Islamic ideology, stripping of parental rights, same-sex bathroom laws and the list goes on. These realities are no longer in some foreign country or metropolitan city. They are taking up residence in any town that lets them.”
  • Larry Klayman says that if John F. Kennedy were alive today and writing a new version of “Profile in Courage,” Laura Loomer would be among those profiled.
  • Finally, Josh Bernstein declares that the left is “literally excrement”: “Democrats eat and root in crap. They are crap.”