Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Deep Dive Down the Well of Red Pills

  • Phil Robertson says that Democrats “want to make America hate again”: “[They] form a satanic mob with filthy minds, filthy mouths.”
  • Dave Daubenmire declares that Kamala Harris “is not moderate. She is not a Natural born citizen (Where have we heard that one before?) She is an anchor baby at best. She slept her way to the top. She is an anti-life zealot. She hates guns and gun owners. She is a bigot. She hates Trump supporters. She is a zealot in her beliefs. Not moderate. Her entire candidacy is based on lies. “
  • Brenden Dilley urges potential Biden/Harris voters to “take five days and deep dive down the darkest well of red pills” before deciding how to vote.
  • Dave Kubal claims that anti-fascist activists are burning Bibles and committing animal sacrifices.
  • Despite being an ardent supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, Oregon Republican Senate nominee Jo Rae Perkins continues to go to absurd lengths to avoid mentioning QAnon.
  • Finally, “prophetess” Amanda Grace warns that “the goal of yoga is to get you into a demonic trance.”