Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Migrant Caravan vs The Second Amendment

  • Lance Wallnau reports that he has been asked to interview GOP congressional candidate Mark Harris, and apparently the request came from the Harris campaign itself.
  • Dave Janda claims that the Central American migrant caravan contains hundreds of ISIS fighters and will probably be comprised of nearly 100,000 people by the time it reaches the United States.
  • Steve Strang advises the black community to get over slavery and to look to the Jewish community on how to do it: “There is no concept in the Jewish community that they’re ex-slaves. They have moved on.”
  • The Family Research Council warns what America can expect if Democrats gain control of the House of Representatives: Impeachment; investigations; abortion on demand; gender-free bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, sports teams; lower paychecks; Obamacare; a weakened military; abolishing immigration enforcement; gun control.
  • Finally, Barbwire’s David Jolly is urging Americans to take up arms to defend the southern border: “I contend that the Second Amendment gives American citizens the right to pick up arms and defend our border … This caravan is a foreign invasion that does pose a threat to the security and economy of our nation and therefore, the American people should have the legal right to take their weapons and protect the border, especially if our government won’t defend our border. The time has come for the American people to start taking matters into their own hands!”