Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Death Is the Only Escape

  • Josh Bernstein says that mask requirements and social distancing guidelines meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are part of a plot to depopulate the Earth.
  • Austin Ruse argues that Christians are justified in ignoring President Donald Trump’s total lack of character because “we got the message from the American people” that character doesn’t matter.
  • During last night’s Republican National Convention, speaker Natalie Harp claimed that if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, we’d all be living in a dismal country “with no hope of escape except death itself.”
  • David Lane declares that “grim challenges lie ahead as spiteful, irreverent blue-state governors, mayors and rabid prosecutors move from discrimination to persecution, pronouncing when, if and how churches can worship. American Christendom finds itself at the start of a fight for freedom that will decide control of the public square over the first half of the 21st century.”
  • Unable to obtain credentials from the official White House Correspondents’ Association, One America News’ Chanel Rion told QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel that she is launching her own competing “National White House Correspondents’ Association.”
  • Finally, Abraham Hamilton III is upset that Trump retweeted a video calling him “the most pro-gay president” in American history: “What bothered me is President Trump’s tweet embracing it as his great honor.”