Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Dark Skin And Dark Policies

  • Randall Terry is running for president so that networks will be forced to air graphic anti-abortion ads, as he has done in the past.
  • Trump cultist Shane Vaughn reports that he will be at Mar-a-Lago on Friday.
  • Whenever you hear white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his followers insist that “We’re so back” and “America First is inevitable,” just know that Fuentes doesn’t actually believe it: “No we’re not. We’re not doing any of that. We’re so cooked.”
  • Michigan state Rep. Josh Schriver, who seems to be a follower of Fuentes, is boldly doubling down on his promotion of the racist “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory,  saying there’s “a racist plan to replace Whites with non-Whites through illegal immigration to irreversibly warp America’s demographics, voting citizens, and national identity to keep power in the hands of a godless regime.”
  • Remember last year when far-right broadcaster Stew Peters pretended that he was not an antisemite, but merely “anti-Zionist”? Well, given that he’s now straight up calling Jews “parasites,” he’s obviously given up the charade.
  • Finally, self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman claims that God warned him about Barack Obama long before he ever became president: “God began to talk about one that would arise with black skin but would have dark policies.”
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