Right Wing Bonus Tracks: This Is War!

  • Former President Donald Trump is reportedly set to endorse North Carolina’s far-right Christian nationalist Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson in his bid to become the GOP nominee for governor.
  • In response to Trump’s latest indictment, MAGA cult pastor Shane Vaughn delivered a screaming two hour sermon this weekend: “This is war!”
  • Ali Alexander declares that “If Trump gets taken out” of the 2024 presidential race because his various legal problems, then “Tucker [Carlson] and Ye [Kanye West] must form a unity ticket against [Ron] DeSantis!”
  • A group of QAnon conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed “prophets” held an event at Mount Rushmore recently and, according to Donna Rigney, an image of Trump appeared in the clouds.
  • Stew Peters is outraged that no political party today catering to what “real Americans” want, like seeing the border militarized, the FBI abolished and its agents arrested, and the CDC and FDA declared to be “terrorist organizations.”
  • Finally, it should surprise nobody to learn that neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin is part of white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ “core group” and someone that Fuentes “talks to a lot.”