Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Cyborgs

  • Bill Mitchell urges President Donald Trump to arrest Obama administration officials because doing so will mobilize the MAGA base and demoralize Democrats heading into the election.
  • Paula White is thrilled that Trump “is becoming more and more open with his faith and with his walk with God.”
  • Randall Terry has produced a new film arguing that the “current medical, economic, and social crisis is God’s chastening on America because of the sin of abortion.”
  • Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn’s office presented Andrew Wommack “with a Congressional Record honoring the impact Charis [Bible College] has had in the community.”
  • Jim Bakker’s allies have launched a petition drive to “Save The Jim Bakker Show.”
  • Finally, Kelly Ruiz warns that “nano dust” and 5G technology are being used to “literally start to make us into cyborgs.”