Jim Bakker: Christian Leaders and Politicians Will Be Murdered if Trump is not Re-Elected

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker warned on his television program today that if President Trump is not re-elected in 2020, Christian leaders and politicians will be murdered in the streets.

“How come [Trump] was elected?” Bakker asked. “Because God’s people voted and the world knows it, the enemies of the gospel know it.”

“I’m going to say something I probably shouldn’t say,” he added. “What’s coming next, if we keep losing, you’re going to see the leaders of the church and the leaders of the gospel and the political conservative leaders that are powerful, you are going to see them suddenly die, suddenly killed—suddenly as they were driving, suddenly as they were in a boat, suddenly in an airplane—you’re going to see it one after another.”

“God spoke this to me years ago what would happen near the end and I believe we’re in that time,” Bakker warned. “This is life and death. This is the hatred of murder is in the country.”