‘Jim Bakker Elects Presidents, We Must Destroy Him’

On his television program today, End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker claimed that he was sent to prison for fraud in the 1980s because powerful people feared that he might use his influence to help elect Pat Robertson as president.

After declaring that President Trump is “so prophetic that it is overwhelming,” Bakker claimed that “God spoke to me, literally” and told him that “you are to endorse Donald Trump for president,” which he said he was initially reluctant to do “because they’ll try to put me away” but which he eventually did “because I knew we were not going to be preaching over television much longer if the left wing had their way.”

Later in the program, Bakker recounted interviewing Ronald Reagan in 1979 and promising that he would do everything he could to secure 50 million votes for Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign.

“The church elected Ronald Reagan,” Bakker said. “And one of the reasons—I have been told by so many people in high places—one of the main reasons they put me in prison is they thought I was going to get with Pat Robertson and endorse Pat Robertson for president. They said, ‘Jim Bakker elects presidents, we must destroy him.'”