Jim Bakker Won’t Wear A Trump Hat For Fear Of ‘Being Murdered In The Street’

End Times prepper pastor Jim Bakker complained on his television program on Friday that he cannot even wear a hat declaring his support for President Trump in public out of fear that he’ll be “murdered in the street.”

Bakker proclaimed that conservative Christians must come out in droves in the midterm elections because “people in America are mocking God,” warning that while Christians were responsible for the election of Trump, “unless we move out in God, it will be the last president we ever elect.”

“I don’t dare wear a Trump hat,” Bakker said. “The evil in this country is so bad, if I was a Republican—which I have been my whole life—I couldn’t wear a hat with my candidate on it without concern about being murdered in the street.”

“They’re putting us in a corner and I won’t shut up,” he added. “They send messages to me that I will be killed, that I will be through and yet I don’t stop. I’m in the United States of America and I’m threatened because I want to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I believe the Bible? I believe this whole book. Why can’t I believe this book? In America, you cannot believe this book without being harassed.”