Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Colonize The Calendar

  • Outraged that Easter and Transgender Day of Visibility both occurred on March 31 this year, former Rep. Jody Hice and David Closson of the Family Research Council complain that the left is “trying to colonize the calendar.”
  • Noting quite encapsulates how little Nick Fuentes and his America First Foundation actually do like seeing their “accomplishments” laid out in an end-of-the-year report.
  • Speaking of which, Fuentes and his army of antisemitic white nationalist incels will be gathering in Detroit in June for AFPAC IV. As usual, they scheduled it to coincide with a much larger right-wing conference so that they can ride on its coattails.
  • Ben Zeisloft says that “birth control pills sometimes cause abortions by stopping embryos from implanting. They should be banned for that reason alone, without even getting into the massive societal harm they cause by discouraging fruitfulness and enabling widespread sexual immorality.”
  • Finally, MAGA pastor Shane Vaughn finally comes right out and admits it: “I don’t know what happened with [Trump] and Stormy Daniels. I don’t know what happened with him and E. Jean Carroll. He may be guilty of it all and—yes, call me a cult member—I don’t care.”
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