Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Christ Will Reign

  • Stew Peters makes a promise: “I personally vow to go to war with these lawless satanic criminals and we will WIN. … This comes with certain imminent risk, and I will not back down in fear. I will not acquiesce to intimidation tactics, and if God wills that I live, I will CRUSH and DESTROY this system.”
  • Speaking of Peters, Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers is “honored” to have received his endorsement.
  • Lauren Witzke is hiring, but the position comes with a few requirements: “Must have experience, be creative, and be an unvaxxed-far right-radical-extremist-christian-nationalist-‘danger to our democracy.’”
  • Francine Fosdick, who presented a “Sword of David” to Pennsylvania GOP gubernatorial front-runner Doug Mastriano at a recent QAnon conference she organized, claims that COVID-19 vaccines are turning people into “zombies” and “AI fighting machines”: “Those that took this shot are unfortunately no longer human.”
  • Finally, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin is not subtle about what she envisions for the state if she becomes governor: “God calls us to pick up the sword and fight, and Christ will reign in the state of Idaho.”