Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Bye Bye Den

  • The Biden administration released a national strategy to counter antisemitism, and white nationalist Nick Fuentes bragged that it is primarily aimed at him: “I am singularly responsible for most of what they’re talking about.”
  • Stew Peters declares that “June is the month we remember that the rainbow is God’s subtle way of reminding us he drowned the entire planet because it was gay.”
  • Self-proclaimed “prophet” Nathan French says that God recently gave him a vision of President Joe Biden “hiding in a cave”: “I saw [the Lord] waving and he said, ‘Bye bye den.’ He was saying, ‘Bye bye’ to the den—the place of hiding—but also, ‘Bye Biden.’ He’s gonna be removed.”
  • MAGA pastor Mark Burns claims that a witch “tried to curse” him while he was out to dinner: “A witch of a false goddess tried to rebuke me for teaching about the Living God in her restaurant. She said she was a witch of a goddess.”
  • Finally, contrary to his assertion, Charlie Kirk does not have “smoking gun evidence” that his TPUSA organization is being “targeted by our own government.”