Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Have to Go Backwards

  • It took Nick Fuentes all of 24 hours to get banned from Twitter after his account was restored.
  • Stew Peters and Lauren Witzke suspect that Damar Hamlin’s appearance at a recent Buffalo Bills game was faked.
  • Speaking of Wtizke, she is bragging that she won her GOP primary in 2020 by focusing her campaign exclusively on “my white constituents”: “It is so much easier to flip a union worker than it is an inner city Black person. … I didn’t try to placate a constituency that would never vote for me.”
  • Patrick Howley declares that “everyone knows that White people are getting replaced and genocided, but the normies on both sides want to censor you if you talk about it because they support the White genocide.”
  • Laura Loomer has launched a Substack newsletter.
  • Finally, Vincent James calls on his fellow fascists to take control of state legislatures and impose public school curricula to “make it mandatory to believe the things that we do”: “What we have to do is we have to go backwards.”