Right Wing Bonus Tracks: What Americans Want

  • Lou Engle has launched a Behold The Lamb fast, which encourages people to “fast and pray for those who struggle with same-sex attraction, gender dysphoria, or identify themselves as LGBTQ+.”
  • During a segment called “Globalist Regime Wages War on Whites,” Stew Peters defended Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine while insisting that the American government is the “real enemy.”
  • Robin Bullock claimed the U.S. Constitution is the only one in history “that has never changed” because it was “written from the word of God”: “We get everything you know of in our Constitution from the scripture.”
  • Michael Flynn asserted that his vaccination status “is none of your damn business”: “You go into a restaurant, and they ask you, ‘Do you got this or that?’ I say, ‘Have you been checked for AIDS?'”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes revealed why he and other white nationalists love Donald Trump: “He was like this close to saying the N-word. That’s what Americans want. This guy talks like us.”