Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Breaking Biden

  • Larry Klayman defends those who took part in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol: “In my opinion, [Thomas] Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers would have been at the head of the line, where they might not have been so docile.”
  • Ann Vandersteel interviewed the insurrection’s infamous “QAnon Shaman” Jake Angeli, who claims that there is “a breakaway civilization” deep underground where military bases are using technology hundreds of years more advanced than anything available on the surface.
  • Dave Hayes (aka “The Praying Medic”) has no time for all “the doubtfags” who say the mass arrests promised by QAnon are never going to happen because “God has already shown me the end of this”: “I have zero doubt that these people are going to be held accountable.”
  • In a new ad for her congressional campaign, Heidi St. John declares that “if shutting down the federal government” is necessary to “break Biden, so be it.”
  • Finally, Shane Vaughn says that anyone who is turning against former President Donald Trump over his support for COVID-19 vaccines is really turning against God: “If you’re losing faith in Donald Trump, you’re really losing faith in the God that put him in office. And that’s a dangerous thing.”