Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Better Dead Than Red

  • Gordon Klingenschmitt declares that legislators “need to obey God’s law and not man’s law.”
  • Josh Mandel has endorsed Laura Loomer’s bid for Congress.
  • Rick Wiles was so impressed by the crazy speech Jim Caviezel delivered at a recent QAnon conference that he’s now hoping the actor will run for president.
  • Shane Vaughn brags that he has “no filter” and “literally will say anything”: “I’ll call you a queer. If that’s what you are, that’s what you are. … I’ll call you what God calls you: an abomination.”
  • Finally, Rachel Hamm says she is running for secretary of state in California with the full knowledge that “they” might kill her and her entire family because “there are some things worth dying for. … I would rather be dead than live in a communist country.”