Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Operative for the Left

  • Josh Bernstein declares that Matt Drudge “is an operative for the left.”
  • Bryan Fischer asserts that “there is no way under the Founders’ Constitution for churches to be restricted from engaging in as much electioneering as they wish.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson continues to insist that a real Christian can never suffer from depression or mental illness: “Only children of Satan can become depressed.”
  • Scott Lively fumes that “vast numbers of American Christians have acquiesced to the transformation of their language and the indoctrination of their children in the anti-biblical worldview it establishes.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root attacked climate change activist Greta Thunberg as “a little brainwashed idiot.”
  • Finally, Laurie Cardoza-Moore demands that Rep. Ilhan Omar be removed from office: “She is a threat to the constitutional republic and our way of life.”