Jesse Lee Peterson: Educated Women Are ‘Satan’s Daughter’

Last week, right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson mocked Rep. Sean Duffy as a “beta male” for resigning from Congress because his soon-to-be-born child is facing health issues. Peterson blamed Duffy’s resignation on his wife, Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy, whom he said was a “selfish, egotistical woman” who wants to have a job instead of staying home with her family, as God intended.

“I wouldn’t recommend you marry these educated women with these degrees,” Peterson said. “They don’t make for good wives and mothers.”

On Wednesday, Peterson reacted to the criticism he has received for these remarks by declaring that educated women are “Satan’s daughter.”

“Being educated is nothing to be proud about,” he said. “It builds the ego, especially with women. It builds their egos and they really believe that they can be better and are better than men. That’s why these men who are marrying these so-called educated women, they are turning their husbands into housewives. They make them stay home, they make them babysit, they make them cook, they make them clean, they make them be the woman.”

“A real woman would not be on an ego trip,” Peterson added. “She would be happy to be a wife and a mother and she would love the fact that her husband is the head of her because she loves the order of God. These educated women are not like that. I would never—unless she’s been born again—never marry an educated woman; you are marrying Satan’s daughter.”