Jesse Lee Peterson: Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Is ‘Pure Evil’

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is not a fan of the new Childish Gambino video “This Is America,” declaring on his radio program today that the video is “pure evil” and that black people like it “because blacks call good evil and evil good.”

The video has been widely hailed for its juxtaposition of dancing and entertainment with violence and mayhem as a commentary on how the former often distracts people from the latter, but Peterson was not interested in any of that. Nor was he apparently even interested in watching the video before decrying it, as he had to have his producer describe it for him while he trashed it as a perfect demonstration of “how out of control black people are.”

Peterson could not believe there has been “no outcry from the black community” about the video, concluding that the video shows “the real picture of what black people are, they’re the ones doing the killing and carrying on.”

“This is evil,” he said. “This is evil and no outcry. And you know why, right? Because blacks call good evil and evil good. They see this evil stuff this guy is doing and they think it’s good … This is why most blacks are getting worse, because they love evil. They love it. They hate good. This is pure evil.”