Right Wing Bonus Tracks: All Trump’s Critics Now Have A Problem With God

  • Lance Wallnau says that Hollywood is beset by scandal because of its attacks on President Trump and “everyone who runs their mouth against someone who God anointed, who is doing what God anointed them to do, now has a problem with God.”
  • Wayne Allyn Root explains that “liberals are just plain nuts.”
  • Steven Strang says that “God answered our prayers that Donald Trump would be elected and Hillary Clinton would be defeated. It wasn’t just her leftist views … She brought a level of corruption the likes of which our country has never seen before. God spared us.”
  • We are sure that everyone is looking forward to watching Ray Comfort’s “Christmas Gone Viral” special this holiday season.
  • Finally, Don Boys says that women who don’t want to be sexually assaulted “should also talk and carry herself like a lady not a street walker. By her demeanor, dress, and discourse she should present herself as a high bred lady not as a loose-as-a-goose low life.”