Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/2/16

  • A good question from Don Boys: “Are All Liberals Stupid or Are All Stupid People Liberals?”
  • William Gheen would “like to see a wave of lawsuits that place blame and liability for much of the death and destruction caused by illegal immigrants where it belongs—with George Soros, his parent organizations Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute, and all of the smaller groups that are asking Obama to pardon illegals en mass [sic].”
  • What a surprise: “Sen. Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump’s pick to be United States attorney general, launched a public campaign as Alabama attorney general in 1996 to prevent a gay rights group from holding a conference at the University of Alabama.”
  • Micah Clark of the American Family Association of Indiana says “it’s a hijacking of the Civil Rights movement to equate a sexual choice or behavior with an inborn genetic trait like skin color.”
  • Finally, Janet Porter is calling upon supporters to fast in an effort to get the Ohio state senate to vote on her “Heartbeat Bill.”