Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Alas, Judgment

  • E.W. Jackson declares that he refuses to watch any NFL games and will continue his boycott “until they apologize to me for having disrespected my American flag.”
  • Perry Stone did a study and claims to have discovered that President Joe Biden’s name, when translated into Hebrew, means “Alas, Judgment.”
  • The American Family Association’s Rob Chambers warns that if the “For The People Act” becomes law, it “will be the end of free and fair elections”: “This is a unilateral attack by Democrats to basically destroy the democratic republic and the republican form of election process in this country.”
  • Who is One Million Moms mad at today? The American Girl doll company.
  • Finally, Greg Locke still refuses to accept that Biden is president: “If you think Joe Biden is the president, you’re smoking a lot of meth in your mama’s basement.”