Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Not My President

  • Janet Porter declares that she will never recognize Joe Biden as president: “He is an imposter. He is someone who has, I believe, committed treason.”
  • Greg Locke likewise refuses to recognize Biden as president: “Joe Biden ain’t the president of the United States. He’s a fake. He’s a phony. He’s a hypocrite, and God’s going to uncover that nonsense, and he’s going to kick his sorry tail out of that White House.”
  • Mike Bickle warns that “darkness is escalating on this earth at a rapid rate. Many are trying to cast the Word of God out of society. They see the word of God as bondage. They want to make it a crime against the state for your children not to learn about the transgender agenda. There will be criminal penalties, sanctions and censorship, like what’s going on with MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, for example. But it’s going to go far beyond that.” But he says that Christians can take solace in knowing that “God is sitting up in the heavens and laughing at their defiance.”
  • Devvy Kidd says that Republicans must regain control of Congress in 2022 so they can immediately impeach Biden.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor thinks there is a lesson to be learned from the fact that Sen. Patrick Leahy was briefly hospitalized after being tapped to preside over former president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial: “Do not touch God’s anointed.”