Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/18/16

  • Donald Trump has reached a $25 million settlement in the fraud cases involving his Trump University.
  • The white nationalist National Policy Institute is convening in Washington, D.C., this weekend to celebrate Trump’s victory.
  • Bradlee Dean has some thoughts on anti-Trump protests: “This is all happening because 86 percent of the American people that call themselves Christians, patriots or conservatives are dropping their children off at the front door of a public school that should not exist in the first place.”
  • Cliff Kincaid defends Steve Bannon against “lazy liberal journalists.”
  • Finally, an important “professional assessment of the enemy situation” from John Guandolo, via the Oak Initiative’s mailing list: “[T]he cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota – known as the ‘Twin Cities’ – are in enemy-held territory.  They are, at least for the time being, lost – meaning, they are under the control of a collaborative jihadist/marxist element there.”