Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Time to Take Up Arms

  • Jackson Lahmeyer is now helping to guest-host programs on Alex Jones’ Infowars network.
  • Scott Lively has drafted a “Declaration of Restoration” that will believes can save the United States, as well as a “7-point plan for its implementation.”
  • Rick Wiles announced that he canceled plans to sponsor a Carrie Underwood special that aired on Christian television last week because he didn’t want to be associated with her after learning that she supports marriage equality.
  • David Lane says that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s “jockeying for celebrity status and his vacillating vernacular stunt performances increasingly have the ring of Nazi Germany tactics put on trial for war crimes.”
  • Finally, Tony Spell tells Christians to refuse to comply with any COVID-19 restrictions or regulations: “There is a time to pray, but those framers said there’s also a time to take up arms.”