Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Miraculous Vision

  • Rick Wiles reacted to having his TruNews channel banned from YouTube for spreading anti-Semitic conspiracy theories by predictably accusing Zionists of trying to prevent him from sharing the gospel.
  • Ron Edwards says that while the coronavirus “poses an enormous threat to our republic and nations throughout the world … Islam represents an even bigger threat and is potentially more sickening.”
  • Brenden Dilley reports that his “total faith in God” has given him a miraculous ability to “see things where other people don’t.”
  • For the fifth time, Jim Bakker claims that the silver solution he sells “kills every venereal disease that there is.” He also gushed that the product is “almost like a miracle”: “It’s like God created it in Heaven to help us.”
  • Ann Vandersteel declares that she “saw Christ emanating from that man” when Donald Trump rode down the escalator to announce his campaign for president in 2015.
  • Finally, E.W. Jackson proclaims that “black conservatives are the Moses of today, and every American of every background, young and old, should join us in rejecting collectivist bondage and embracing the promised land of individual liberty.”