Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Thou Shall Kill

  • Tony Spell asserts that Christians are “obligated” to kill anyone who tries to burglarize their home or steal their possessions: “God requires me to do that. It’s not even an option.”
  • Scott Lively claims that support for transgender rights is designed “to destroy binary male/female human identity in preparation for transhumanism.”
  • Greg Locke is not a fan of Pride Month or same-sex marriage: “It’s always been about these pedophiles!”
  • Milo Yiannopoulos, Lauren Witzke, and Doc Burkhart warn evangelical Christians to stay away from Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish, because he is “very, very anti-Jesus.”
  • Finally, KrisAnne Hall says that the “deep state is not just Washington, D.C.; the deep state is my school board, it’s my county commission.”