Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Thousand Black Millionaires

  • Jason Rapert warns that Democrats are waging a revolution by “overthrowing the rule of law in our nation, targeting opposition with endless attacks, lawsuits, false accusations, and even indictments to imprison them”: “They are going to cause another Civil War in our nation by doing all this.”
  • Janet Porter sent out an email about the importance of voting “yes” on Ohio’s Issue 1 that proclaimed that Jim Caviezel and Kari Lake both support it. Porter is apparently under the mistaken impression that Caviezel and Lake are reasonable people whose judgment should be trusted.
  • Gene Bailey says that “if you’re not listening to somebody, you’ll listen to anybody.” We have no idea what that is supposed to mean.
  • Mark Burns promises that if former President Donald Trump is reelected, he’ll create “one thousand black millionaires.”
  • Finally, Dutch Sheets declares that “no honest person can study the history of America … and not believe that God was in the raising up of America for the purpose of the Gospel being sent around the world.”