Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Purebred Satanic Communists

  • Larry Tomczak offers some suggestions for conservative Christians on how to pray for the “wicked leaders” who are ruining the country: “While we do not pray for the death of any person, we do ask that every wicked politician’s ‘days in office would be few and that a righteous person would take their place.'”
  • Josh Bernstein declares that the Democrats “are not a legitimate party,” but are actually “a terrorist organization” that is no different than ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and the Nazis: “These people are purebred evil, satanic communists.”
  • Lauren Witzke reports that she has contracted COVID-19: “This bio-weapon is demonic, I’ve lost all of my senses and struggle with constant indifference, brain fog, and I’ve lost my joy. I couldn’t imagine how the vaccinated feel, having this feeling permanently. Please pray for me, this illness is evil and A product of the Beast System. I hate the anti-Christ.”
  • Dutch Sheets reveals that he recently had a long and convoluted “prophetic” political dream in which he saw a field full of animals that had the body of a sheep and the head of a lion but the animals were prevented from fully transforming into lions because they were covered in ticks. Apparently, it all had something to do with the 2020 election.
  • Finally, Rachel Hamm, a GOP candidate for secretary of state in California, claims that she had a dream that someone was going to break into her house and murder her. She brags that she prayed the threat away and instead her neighbor, who was a witch, was murdered.