Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Ruse of the Devil

  • Andrew Wommack says “climate control is nothing but a ruse of the devil,” and asserts that people are dying in Ukraine because environmentalists have “empowered” Russian President Vladimir Putin by trying to limit the use of fossil fuels.
  • Nick Fuentes openly expresses his contempt for America and love of Russia by literally cheering on and saluting “the Russian heroes of the special military operation” in Ukraine.
  • Patrick Howley declares that “the Globalist Regime that currently controls the U.S. government is a genocidal hostile authoritarian cabal operating under the auspices of fake ‘democracy’ to keep humans relegated to Third World slave status everywhere — and they HATE White men.”
  • Todd Coconato attended a private dinner with dozens of “really influential people in the Christian world” at the National Religious Broadcasters convention Wednesday night and was not optimistic after hearing the discussions: “The message is loud and clear: We’re getting our butts kicked.”
  • Finally, OAN’s Natalie Harp had nothing for praise for the “very strategic” and “smart roll-out” of former President Donald Trump’s new social media platform, which has actually been disastrously unpopular so far.