Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Mass Death Scale Injection

  • Shane Vaughn declares that former President Donald Trump must return to the White House so that he can “destroy the work that Satan has done through Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”
  • Lauren Witzke says that COVID-19 vaccines are “a mass death scale injection” and “a precursor to the Mark of the Beast.”
  • Greg Locke is not a fan of vaccine mandates: “Forced vaccination is a war crime!
  • Anti-vax conspiracy theorist Dave Daubenmire, who has been severely ill for weeks—possibly with COVID-19—is now using his daily livestream program to scream at his viewers that they are going to die if they don’t take huge doses of vitamins and supplements to protect their health.
  • Bill Donohue claims that the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks “has a special meaning for Christians.”
  • Finally, while speaking at a campaign event for MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who is running to unseat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s GOP primary, self-proclaimed “American patriot” Jarrin Jackson shared his hope that military tribunals will send “godless commies” to “burn forever in a lake of fire.”