E.W. Jackson Says Virginia’s Election Represents ‘Life or Death’ for the Church

Right-wing pastor and radio host E.W. Jackson posted a video on his Facebook page last week in which he called on all Christians and conservatives in Virginia to treat the upcoming elections "like D-Day" and do everything in their power to prevent Democrats from gaining control of the state legislature. 

"I’m urging every Christian, every conservative, every person in this commonwealth with common sense to treat Nov. 5 like D-Day, because it is," Jackson said. "If Democrats take over the legislature, they will make Virginia like California. Public schools will teach kindergarten children about homosexuality and transgenderism. The Equal Rights Amendment will make every imaginable perversion a constitutionally protected right"

"Could you have imagined even a few year ago that a 7-year-old boy would be injected with puberty-blocking drugs and transition hormones to prepare him for castration?" he asked. "That’s the brave new world Democrats want to give the Commonwealth of Virginia and the country."

"Churches and pastors will be sued or otherwise punished for refusing to perform same-sex ceremonies," Jackson warned. "This is life or death for your church."

Jackson proclaimed that everyone must "vote against every Democrat running for office" in order to prevent Virginia from becoming "a police state, a perverse state, an anti-Second Amendment state, an anti-religious liberty state, an anti-work state, a socialist state, or a state that celebrates killing unborn babies."

"The Democrat Party has betrayed Virginia and betrayed America," he said. "Let’s give the founding fathers from Virginia a reason to rejoice when they look down from Heaven on Nov. 6 and see that Virginia remains free from the 21st century socialist slave masters. Vote Republican on Nov. 5." 

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