Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 3/9/17

  • Larry Klayman asks you to donate “handsomely” to his organization so that he can fight the deep state’s “doomsday machine.”
  • Walid and Theodore Shoebat declare that Alt-Right leaders “Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer are in bed with Muslims and Nazis.”
  • Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is “asking the federal government to authorize his office to do immigration enforcement.”
  • FRC prays for the repeal of Obamacare: “May God move the Senate to adjust the bill to satisfy constitutional conservatives and to excise the possibility of abortion funding and to defund Planned Parenthood!”
  • Finally, Jan Markell is not a fan of interfaith outreach because if Christians aren’t careful, “the Muslims are going to win them over because these people are so spiritually shallow. If they’re willing to compromise … they’re going to be won over to another religion just because they have no comprehension of their role as Christians not to sing ‘Kumbaya’ and let’s all get along and appreciate each other’s faiths.”