Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/20/16

  • Donald Trump’s continued insistence that he won a “historic electoral landslide” when he absolutely did not is truly amazing.
  • Franklin Graham says the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey is “a wake-up call that Islam is a danger to our security.”
  • Jan Markell says that “leftist Jews need to wake up and leave the Democratic Party, and leave liberalism, because it’s evil and it’s anti-Israel and it’s just plain anti-Semitic.”
  • Life Decisions International insists that recent reports that Macy’s has agreed to stop funding Planned Parenthood are largely misleading.
  • Finally, Mark Creech says that those “who have no religious appreciation for Christmas [are] emotionally infantile and fussy crybabies … Like a little child that envies the pleasure another finds with a toy, they would take it away. If they can’t experience its happiness, neither should someone else.”