Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/5/17

  • Scott Lively warns that President Obama may carry out a “false flag” operation in the final days of his presidency in order to start a war with Russia.
  • Linda Harvey offers advice on “5 ways companies can be more Christian-friendly,” which mostly involves companies being less LGBT-friendly.
  • Allen West fumes that “ol’ Barry Soetoro, as part of his scorched earth policy, has unleashed the hounds of hell by assisting in the creation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334” criticizing Israeli settlements, but rejoices that with President Trump, we’ll be in a “‘Brave New World’ where [Muslim] savage ranting will be met initially with diplomatic effort…followed by an ass-whupping.”
  • Lee Duigon celebrates that Obama was unable to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court because “one more Obama judge on the Supreme Court, and it would’ve been ‘All children under 16 are now over 16,’ ‘Our national language is now Arabic,’ and whatever else might have tickled the fancy of a left-wing majority.”
  • Finally, FRC prays: “May President Trump’s advisors be fearless to encourage and exhort him to honor the God of the Bible as he embarks upon the most politically powerful position of any man in the world.”