Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 10/19/16

  • While promoting his anti-LGBT agenda in Kyrgyzstan, Scott Lively has launched the “Natural Life Movement.”
  • After urging Donald Trump to withdraw, Wayne Grudem is now urging Christians to vote for him anyway.
  • Glenn Beck is now very sorry for “being a catastrophist” and constantly warning that the world is about to go up in flames.
  • Speaking of Beck, Jennifer LeClaire says that his warnings about Donald Trump should not be believed.
  • Eric Metaxas declares that “the fascistic globalism of HRC/Obama is similar to the threat that German fascist nationalism was in Bonhoeffer’s day. Both are anti-God.”
  • Finally, Mark Landsbaum says that “just as the U.S. used an alliance with Stalin to defeat Hitler, then properly turned its animosity to Stalin, Christians should ally with Trump to defeat Clinton.”